Member Materials

This page is for CCIPR Members. We will post materials and resources for your review and use. More materials are on the public page – Resources for Outreach.

Meeting Documents

Outreach request – Contact 3 Influencers

Please send out three letters, or make three calls to individuals or organizations that can help us build our list of supporters.

Letter to CFIA following August 24, 2023 meeting

The CCIPR Core team met with Anthony Amyia (Chief Plant Health Officer CFIA), Wendy Asbil (National Manager, Invasive Alien Species and Domestic Plant Health Programs) along with a Senior Risk Assessor, Program Specialists and a CFIA Policy Analyst to discuss our White Paper and our recommendations for reducing the sales of invasive plants. While the CFIA complemented our efforts, we were left with many unanswered questions and did not hear an acknowledgement that change was needed. We send a letter to the CFIA summarizing observations on the status quo and requesting answers to many outstanding questions.

Letters to Nurseries and Industry Leaders


Canada’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy Survey (deadline for submissions has passed)

  • Environment Canada and Climate Change has set up a survey to inform their development of Canada’s 2030 Biodiversity strategy. Please recommend invasive plant regulation. Input will be accepted until July 14.   
  • Here are some suggested responses.