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We need you or your organization to help us, by endorsing our objectives, spreading the word, and or joining our team. Choose a form on this page based on your ability to help.
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If you support the objectives of CCIPR. Become a supporter
If you can help spread the word. Become a partner
If you want to get more involved. Join the team

What does it mean to be a supporter?

We are not asking for financial support, we are asking you to endorse goal to protect our environment, economy, and public health from invasive plant species and our specific objectives to reduce the sale of ornamental invasive plants. When we have achieved a critical mass of people and organizations, we can go to policy-makers to show we have the backing of the public. We will send you periodic updates if you would like to receive them.

What does it mean to be a partner?

We are asking partners to help spread the word. We need you to help us to educate the public and or political representatives about the need for better regulation of invasive plants in the horticultural trade. We will send partners periodic educational materials that can be shared. If you or the organization with which you work or volunteer would like us to contact you, please indicate this using the form on the right. For organizations, let us know if we may display your logo. (We are not asking for financial support).

Join the team

Would you like to become more directly involved? We welcome volunteers from all over Canada. If you would like to offer your skills and time to this project, please check “join the team” on the contact form and we will be in touch.